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The Gallery, Westlake Village, CA – First Class Service

I had been wanting to try this new local restaurant called, The Gallery, which has only been open a couple of months.  I had heard some “good” things about this place, and had been waiting for the chance to finally get in there.  I will say, right off the bat, the Service, Professionalism, and overall experience that we had was first class.  For a newly opened restaurant, which a lot of the time are still working out the kinks, and figuring out there way, was spot on.  The owner, is not new to the restaurant biz, as he has owned some of the top restaurants in the Westlake Village, CA area, so he clearly knows what he is doing.

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Where has the Customer Experience Gone to?

In the midst of working on my new project, I just came across this amazingly well written article on Customer Experience by Gregory Ciotti.  I had to give a shout out to him, because well, it really is directly in line with my next adventure.  Honestly, where has Customer Service in the Food Industry gone to?  I can’t remember the last time, that I had a great meal, and great service.  Where I actually walked away and thought, “I can’t wait to go back”.  This does not happen anymore.  Stay tuned for the next coming weeks, for some big news on my end!  Meanwhile, please check this article out! 🙂  Have a great one!


Happily Under Construction

Just saying Hi To Everyone! It’s been awhile.  I am working on some amazingly wonderful stuff, to be launched here very shortly.  See you soon, and stay tuned.


Girls Guide To Grub

Tyler Florence Pasta Carbonara

Perfect Carbonara Pasta via Tyler Florence

Ok, I must warn you, you can only make this dish sporadically.  It is THAT good.  And by “THAT GOOD” I mean dangerously and terribly bad for you.  However, it is an absolutely perfect pasta. If I try to think back as far as possible, I honestly think this takes the cake, for the best pasta ever.  I very rarely go off of exact recipes, as I generally put my own twist on dishes, however I did go exactly off of Tyler Florence’s Carbonara, and I am glad that I did.

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Mexican Fiesta Healthy Omelette

Leftover Mexican Fiesta Omelette

I had to post this super easy and absolutely delicious omelette, made mostly from leftovers. Normally this is something that I would post on instagram, however this one I could not keep to myself, and I wanted to share with you all!

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